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Matthew RodwellFounder of MrLifting

An all natural Mr Australian Teenage Champion (2016) & Junior IPL World Champion (2018)

  • 9 x World Record Holder
  • Coach & Trainer
  • Powerlifter & Bodybuilder

With 5+ years of experience, Matthew Rodwell has been growing his hobby & passion into a successful coaching program as well as his champion team. Matthews goal of making his clients achieve that which they did not expect themselves capable of.

“Matt is someone who leads by example”

"When I approached MR Lifting for guidance with my lifts never did I think I would be where I am today. Matt’s knowledge, dedication, support and commitment to each and every one of his lifters is his obligation to get the absolute best out of each of them. Matt is someone who leads by example, he also tells you what you don’t want to hear, but what you need to. He see’s what you don’t and builds you up to where you never thought was possible."
Jackie Scouller

"In under 12 months, I have lost 65kg and have never felt better. I have more energy, I'm more flexible, stronger, agile, mobile and happy."

"In under 12 months, I have lost 65kg and have never felt better. I have more energy, I'm more flexible, stronger, agile, mobile and happy. I look forward to training and reaching my goals. In May 2019, Matt suggested I compete in my first powerlifting competition in Melbourne. My initial thoughts were 'as if. There is absolutely no way I'm doing that'. He planted the seed, helped me overcome my anxiety and supported me. I had to wear a powerlifting suit, which Matt ordered for me. I was surrounded by my family and the support was palpably. I got my first Australian record of 170kg deadlift. During my journey, Matt has always been by my side. He has kept me focused and motivated. My weight loss success, increased strength and flexibility is proof that the individual programs Matt sets are effective and work. Matt has assisted and guided me to get my life back."
Sue Fletcher


I will provide you with my guidance and knowledge to help you make the best progress possible. I will offer 24 hour service providing the best experience and feedback possible. After assessment I will design your very own customized program to suit your needs that will help achieve your goals. Technical assessment on your lifting and required feedback thats needs to be appointed on helping you become better by giving you knowledge and education that you can put towards your training. Have access to an online group chat where you can speak to other members of MR Lifting. Coaching at competitions that you may work towards.

Diet & Nutrion PLans

During your coaching I will ensure you are fuelling your body with the correct nutrition as this is 50% of any fitness goal. While providing you with transitions from unhealthy food to practical food I will ensure macro requirements are met as well as micro nutrients are also catered for with an achievable and practical lifestyle.

Mr Lifting Team

You will have the opportunity to be apart of a hard working and supportive team. I work as close as I can with my clients to get the most out of them and by being apart of a team where they can share their achievements and help one another to grow I think it’s such a great reward. I also give my clients the opportunity to become closer with the team by traveling to events, competing alongside each other or meet and greet days. MR Lifting team has had great success where I took a team to Australian Powerlifting Championships and we won the Best Team Award for 2019! Competitions; 2018 Australian Championships. 2018 IPL World Championships. 2018 Victorian State Titles. 2019 Victorian Anzac qualifiers. 2019 Anzac International – Australia vs New Zealand. 2019 Victorian State Titles. 2019 Australia Championships

Recent Competitions

Mr Lifting continue to compete all year round, check out some of our recent team competitions below!

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